Research team

This blog is currently run by Marianne Mödlinger, leader of the project ‘Chemical and metallurgical aspects of arsenical bronze: the case of arsenic-loss in prehistoric metal production‘. The project’s supervisors are Michel Pernot at the host institution, the Université Bordeaux Montaigne, and Paolo Piccardo at the partner institution, the Universitá degli Studi di Genova.

Marianne Mödlinger is a prehistoric archaeologist, working on the ArsenicLoss-project at the  IRAMAT-CRP2A (Institut de recherche sur les Archéomatériaux – Centre de recherche en physique appliquée à l’archéologie) from July 2015 onwards. Her main research interests include Bronze Age studies, the manufacture and usage of Bronze Age arms and armour, archaeometallurgy of copper alloys and experimental archaeology.

In recent years she has focused on Bronze Age metal finds from the Baltic States as well as Central and Eastern Europe, studying their manufacture and usage, technology transfer and the development and impact of weaponry. Her studies always include multi-disciplinary approaches, mainly concerning the chemical and metallurgical characterisation of metals.

She was the project coordinator / principal investigator on several projects funded by the EU under FP7 (such as CHARISMA or Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions), the Austrian FWF and the University of Vienna.

Further information about the projects, publications and research of Marianne can be found at academia and researchgate (with the possibility to download most of her publications) and at her homepage.

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