DTA and DTA-TGA results

CuAs-11, after 20K/min DTA

Arsenical bronze with 11 wt.% arsenic after cooling down with 20 K/min. Note the inverse segregation at the edge, and the massive appearance of (α+γ) eutectic.

The DTA analyses started in February 2016 are finished, and an out of equilibrium phase diagram for the Cu-As system up to 15 wt.% arsenic was established. One of the characteristics of the diagram is also the appearance (even below 2 wt.% of arsenic) and temperature changes of the (α+γ) eutectic. I am currently preparing the article, which, once accepted, will be posted here. I noted also some losses in arsenic, which are mainly the result of adding the arsenic lump to the molten copper.

Recently started analyses with the DTA-TGA instead show significant losses of arsenic when melting the alloy, and less once it is cooling down. I am thrilled to see more results and curves, and to figure out how to connect them with the loss of arsenic during prehistoric recycling activities!

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