First casts started


Right after adding the As to the molten copper, blue flames and arsenic trioxide in form of white fume are visible.

In order to study the loss of arsenic during prehistoric recycling activities, I started with the first casting experiments. A 5% arsenical bronze ingot with 250g was produced (see image on the right) and re-cast already several times. Graphite crucibles were used both for casting and as mould. The bronze was melted in a small furnace in reduced atmosphere and cast at 1110°C. Thus, As is lost only during the casting process itself and the cooling down of the alloy. Once cooled down, the crucible containing the bronze was placed in the oven at 1110°C and recast in another graphite crucible. The loss of arsenic was noted by white fume for about 1 min after the cast. In a few days I will have a look at the samples with the SEM-EDXS… looking forward to it!

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